Friday, September 21, 2012

First tests of resistance iPhone 5

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He was taking a long time to see a video torturing an iPhone 5 with blows and falls, at least this time it was done by a service that is dedicated to just that, fix iOS devices that do not work.

IPhone 5 to throw it over and over again from different heights and although we do not hold the housing such hits, it can be seen that both the screen and the terminal are still working perfectly, even when the drop exceeds the height of a person.

The catastrophe comes only when the employee is merciless with the terminal and throws him to the ground by force. That's when the front was completely shattered.

It seems that the iPhone 5 itself has improved drop test against iPhone 4S, however, the metal part of the back cover seems to be quite vulnerable to scratches (so they say some users who already have it).

More - iFixit has disassembled the iPhone 5
Source - 9to5Mac

Article first endurance test of the iPhone 5 has been originally published in News iPhone .

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