Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First official video of the iPhone 5

The video introducing the new iPhone 5 now available on the Apple website. In fact the entire site has been completely renovated with such high resolution images we love. Hopefully soon also upload the full video of the keynote.

disponible video iphone 5 Primer vídeo oficial del iPhone 5

Here's the video in question, subtitled in Castilian for you to understand the characters that appear:

What if you want to see the Apple website and access all the extra information, you can do it here .

The video lasts just under seven minutes, and has the typical structure of the apple company uses to present their products. For example, we have several of those responsible for software and hardware of the iPhone 5 talking solemnly into the camera about how they have contributed to this new product.

All images are of excellent quality and first present the physical and then go through some of the applications that will get more benefit from the innovations. We refer to the 4-inch screen or LTE connectivity for mobile data.

The truth is that just watch the video one would come forward to try and change the screen that may sound silly, it seems that it becomes something worth taking into account when managing apps. Finally, the video shows how they have built some of the most difficult parts of the terminal, as the camera or the fit of the parts.

We can not wait to get our hands on the new iPhone 5 to tell you our impressions. Meanwhile, enjoy this video and the ones to come, detailing each of the developments.

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