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First impressions of the iPhone 5 that appear on the network

opiniones iPhone 5 Primeras impresiones sobre el iPhone 5 que aparecen en la red

Although most people, including us, will have to wait until the iPhone 5 is available for sale to get their hands on, a select group of journalists has been using the Apple phone in secret for several days.

These authors had early access to the new iPhone to publish opinion pieces before launch smartphone this week. Many of these post are underway.

Apple lifted the embargo giving each green light to post their reviews of the iPhone 5, so we want to tell you what is being said on the network.

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, says that the iPhone 5 is "significantly" faster, thinner and lighter than its predecessors:

"Perhaps the only functional improvement you can get with the iPhone (and not software updates) is speed. Apple iPhone has finally connected to the fastest mobile network, called LTE, and downloading data and uploading videos flies, even if you're on the WiFi network. In addition, the processor is now twice as fast as before. "

Tim Stevens of Engadget said in their testing found that the battery life of the iPhone 5 is on par with the Motorola RAZR Maxx battery, which is notable for its long-term:

"In our standard test battery, which reproduce looping video with LTE and WiFi connection enabled, and social accounts published regularly, the iPhone 5 got an impressive 11 hours and 15 minutes. That is only 10 minutes less than the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. "

David Pogue of The New York Times, described the terminal as "beautiful", and says the camera takes pictures in low light much better the iPhone 4S:

"The camera is one of the best I've seen on a phone. Your photos in low light far exceed those of the iPhone 4S. His shot has improved by 40%. And you can take pictures even while recording video (1080p, of course). "

Edward Baig of USA Today believes the iPhone 5 falls short of expectations:

"People have always had high expectations for the iPhone 5, especially since the competition stiffer. In a phone delivering fast, attractive, with LTE and a bigger screen, Apple has met expectations. It's a gem. "

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop, says you have to see live screen to understand the user experience of having an iPhone with a larger screen:

"If you say that you will be able to see another couple of rows of emails or a little more than a website, do not give too much importance, but when you look at the iPhone 5, is more than that. You have to see it to make the idea of what to do. "

And Scott Stein, CNET, agrees with Dalrymple:

"Second, the elongation of the size of the screen is subtle, but, like the retina display, you will have difficult to reuse the 3.5-inch screen after seeing this. The extra space adds lots of viewing areas of a document on the keyboard, playing video horizontally with larger and less black bands on the main page and you have more folders or icons. "

MG Siegler of TechCrunch, the iPhone update compared to the previous five:

"I really think this is the best upgrade for the iPhone that Apple has made ​​so far (beating the leap from iPhone 3G to 3GS and the jump to the iPhone 4). As such it is the best version of the iPhone for now.

If you have an Android phone and have been waiting for a major update to the iPhone to change you, now is the time. "

And Harry McCracken, Time, speaking on the same subject:

"The end result, if it is not already clear: The iPhone 5 is an excellent smartphone. Ignore the naysayers, even without any impressive technological advances, is a considerable improvement over the iPhone 4S. Among the many improvements, just for the LTE would be worth the change. "

Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg writer says:

"One of the most prized skills of Apple is its timing. Noes often throwing the first new technology, waiting until you can bring something special, as happened with the tablets. With the iPhone 5, the most special thing is how fast it is and how long the battery at those speeds. "

Stuart Miles, Pocket Lint, is also impressed in this regard:

"What Apple has created the iPhone 5 is a very slick smartphone that oozes appeal. It's incredibly well built and is easy to use, has a beautiful screen, and with great speed and power to serve all our needs. Hardware is simply stunning. "

Vincent Nguyen, SlashGear, says the new smartphone from Apple hits all the right notes:

"Will the iPhone 5 feels better in the hand than the iPhone 4S? Is faster and has a smoother operation? Has a more capable camera that can access data faster when it is in motion? Combination of hardware and software of the iPhone iOS is more integrated and balanced than ever? The answer to all these questions is yes. Apple has addressed the debate to increase the screen with a solution that does not compromise the promise of usability, besides delivering LTE without destroying the battery life, and all this has involved in a design that is both comfortably familiar and revitalized. "

Patrick Gross, TechRadar, comments:

"What is perhaps more surprising is the extent to which this new iPhone feels more agile than the iPhone 4S. The A6 chip clearly has much more power despite being smaller, but surprisingly this you realize immediately when using the iPhone 5 along with its predecessor. "

Shane Richmond, The Telegraph, says:

"The iPhone 5 is a great smartphone, perhaps the best ever made. It's fast, lightweight and with the backing of the largest application store on any device. It is also likely to be the most beautiful smartphone that nobody has ever done. "

And finally, we leave the opinion of John Gruber, of Daring Fireball:

"It feels great, looks great, has the best screen I've seen in any size, it runs much faster, networks are noticeably faster, thinner and lighter than any of its predecessors, takes better pictures and in my six days of testing, the battery life has nothing to envy to the iPhone 4S.

But you do not even have to turn it on to see how beautiful it is. Just hold it in your hand. "

Several things are clear in these first impressions of the iPhone 5. The screen is much better, thanks to its new size and new technology. The phone itself works much faster, even compared to the iPhone 4S. And the new aluminum housing has been a success for Apple, as it now looks and feels like a real piece of luxury .

In addition, several of the analysis highlight iSight photos and making improvements that have suffered, especially in low light. Another aspect that is highlighted for better battery. And they all mentioned how fast LTE network, noting some writers that it was difficult to distinguish when in WiFi or not.

Of course, it is not surprising that these early reviews are very good. Apple has left the device to true fans of the brand to be the first to tell the world about your new iPhone. The real test will come when other writers get their hands on the iPhone 5 and offer their opinions without limitations. But still, it seems that Apple has another great success in sight.

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