Monday, September 17, 2012

First cutters Nanosim for iPhone 5

cortador nanoSIM 1 Primeros cortadores nanoSIM para el iPhone 5

Sure you know all these items that are on the market that help convert a normal SIM into a microSIM for iPhone 4/4S. Well, if yesterday we saw a tutorial to transform the microSIM in Nanosim , today we see that already in the market for the first cutter Nanosim. If you do not dare to do it with scissors and sandpaper, this may be your solution.

This cutter has appeared on the website YoYoBase . Here you promise that the cutter is capable of cutting any GSM SIM card, which means it must be compatible with both normal and SIM cards with microSIM cards.

I must admit I find it strange that this gadget does what it says to do, especially considering that the Nanosim is 15% thinner than the rest of the SIM. How to do the shaving cutter normal SIM or microSIM? Unfortunately, the product page does not get to talk about this issue.

The good news, however, is that at least the website seems to recognize that there is this difference of 15% in the thickness of the cards (see the photo below), so I assume that the device will use any method to do this shaving. The website is in Chinese, so it is possible to explain how he does but we have not deciphered.

cortador nanoSIM 2 Primeros cortadores nanoSIM para el iPhone 5

The cutter is priced at $ 23.99, that is, is not cheap. But hey, if you do not trust your ability to do it manually, can be a good solution. Although as we said yesterday, it is best that the operator will provide the Nanosim.

What do you think? Do you think it is worth having a cutter like this?

All the info on the new Apple iPhone 5 in the following link:

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