Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First came the airlines, and now are amusement parks that are beginning to incorporate Passbook

Several air carriers, including American Airlines and Virgin Australia, among others, are beginning to develop compliant Passbook features, new application that will be installed by default in iOS 6, and where we can manage discount coupons or boarding passes at her.

But other companies, such as amusement parks, are beginning to develop capabilities to include Passbook. We may, for example, buy from our iOS device entry to the park and even added some other tickets from that park, such as the food at one of the restaurants.

What is a shame is that all these new features take to get to Spain. Keynote Tomorrow perhaps reveal some new characteristic of Passbook, as a new section in the App Store, we remember that in the latest beta of iOS 6 is a link to the App Store disabled.

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