Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finally Amazon has not a smartphone but shows a strong rival to the iPad

Screen Shot 2012 09 06 at 1.43.57 PM Finalmente Amazon no presenta un smartphone pero muestra un fuerte rival para el iPad

Finally it seems that it will not be the year that Amazon will start to compete in the smartphone market. Strong rumors of the last few hours have gone after the presentation that took place this morning from Santa Monica (California). Finally, the company has focused on its readers for e-books and the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has referred to one of its biggest competitors - Apple-repeatedly. All this to demonstrate the qualities of your Kindle Fire against the third-generation iPad. Amazon has shown a new 8.9-inch tablet that will shade the iPad in Cupertino. The Kindle Fire HD has an HD screen, faster processor and 8.8 millimeters thick.

The best part? The price. The basic HD Kindle Fire 7-inch 16 GB will cost only $ 199. A Kindle Fire Latest 8.9 inch and 16 GB increases its price to $ 299. Finally, the most expensive model, $ 499, will have 32 GB of storage and annual data plan for 4G connectivity, $ 50 for 12 months.

Hopefully Apple put the batteries and surprise next week. Although for the iPad mini would have to wait until October.

More- Amazon will compete directly with the iPad with its new Kindle Fire

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