Friday, September 7, 2012

FedEx is preparing to launch the week of iPhone 5

As many of you know, on Wednesday presented the iPhone 5 . The new smartphone from Apple will be the main actor of the anticipated keynote will happen in the Yerbabuena Center in California.

In fact, the apple company began yesterday to prepare the building for the event. Some analysts suggest that it is the mother of all updates, and that will mean the biggest launch of the year in the world of consumer electronics.

fedex aumento trabajo iphone 5 FedEx se prepara para la semana del lanzamiento del iPhone 5

So, imagine the amount of people who should be working right now so that everything goes well. Many of them work in the transportation industry, to ensure that the terminals are ready to go on sale when they choose their creators.

Well, the logistics company FedEx has sent a memo to employees in which he asks them to prepare for an increase in the volume of shipments for the weekend between 21 and 24 September. Recall that precisely these days is when they are supposed to start selling the first terminal.

fedex aumento trabajo iphone 5 2 FedEx se prepara para la semana del lanzamiento del iPhone 5

In fact, employees who warned the training company for that weekend, they moved to a later date. This makes indiciar they need to all operators working at full capacity these days.

Recall that Apple has invited the press to attend the keynote, and leaves a mysterious message that says "almost here". However, most targets rumors that will after one week in the United States, and it takes some more land on Spain.

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