Monday, September 17, 2012

Features of iOS 6 not available in Spain

The final version of iOS 6 is released these days, and Apple has made ​​clear on its website what features we enjoy in each country. Having seen, in Spain we are relatively better than in other countries, albeit with some shortcomings.

Keep in mind that the new system maps the apple company just came out. As much as they are striving for, it will be years before their databases to match or exceed those of Google Maps.

Fortunately, knowing Apple will be a matter of months we can see how most of these features land in our country. Especially those related to the maps.

ios 6 espana Características de iOS 6 no disponibles en España Let's see what these characteristics are not present at the beginning:

  • Booking restaurants through Siri. It seems that Apple has not found a partner that allows channel reservation service at tables of bars and restaurants. In the United States have partnered with OpenTable, a company that has no presence in Spain.
  • Buildings in three dimensions. Aerial view Flyover will not buildings the main Spanish cities, at least for now. Apple has already confirmed that Madrid and Barcelona will have their buildings modeled shortly.
  • Wolfram Alpha, the mathematical inquiry service will not be available. It is a database capable of answering questions about math, statistics and general information processing. Best of all, it is able to interpret the natural human language.
  • The TV series will not make an appearance in the iTunes Store Spanish, at least for now.
  • Siri can query the database IMDB for movies, actors and directors. However, the service superb Rotten Tomatoes movie review is not available in our country.

How important are these gaps for you?

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