Saturday, September 1, 2012

Draw a card EXPRESS iTunes Gift of 50 €

In iPadizate we like to be good with our readers. Proof of this are the many giveaways we have organized so far. Without going any further, recently giving away iTunes gift card worth 100 € ...

The next big draw will be special, as we have come to an agreement with a leading developer of apps and games nationwide. What are we going to get around? one iPhone5 before you reach the Spanish market. No more, no less. I like the idea, right?

We have made many changes, visually, in the blog. And more will come soon, many more changes. All with the intention of browsing our site becomes a unique experience. And have a nice blog, of course.

Over 5,000 items behind us, and we want to celebrate that. How? With another draw more!

Giveaway iTunes gift card 50 €

 Sorteo EXPRESS de una Tarjeta iTunes Regalo de 50€

Yes, giving away a nice iTunes gift card of 50 €. For that you spend in the App Store! and 50 € given for many Apps and Games icon wink Sorteo EXPRESS de una Tarjeta iTunes Regalo de 50€

To participate you just need a Twitter account.

Steps to participate in a drawing for a gift card of 50 € iTunes

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Leave a comment and tell us what you change about iPadizate.

The three steps are required to participate in the draw to select the winner and see that they have made.

To select the winner will use tool.

The deadline to participate in this sweepstakes begins today, September 1, 2012, and ends tomorrow, September 2, 2012. September 3 will make the draw and throughout the day, we will announce the winner on the blog, on our Facebook page and our Twitter .

Good luck to all and many, thank you very much for trusting iPadizate!

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