Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dock Foundation: a flexible iPhone dock

Navigating Kickstarter Dock Foundation we find a flexible dock allows us to place your iPhone in any position. Another advantage is that it can be used both with case, as without it, and we can use it as a dock in the car, as it includes a 12 volt charger with USB port.

The new dock is available for around $ 45, equivalent to about 36 € here, if the Foundation Dock collect $ 37,000 before its release (about € 30,000).

Besides as loading dock, it is ideal as a tripod, as its flexibility will allow the hook to more sites "impossible". Its creators that will be notified and the possibility of asking for iPhone's current or for the new iPhone 5 and its new course small connector.

It is available in various colors such as orange, green, blue or white, and black color, and is available from the home page of Kickstarter .

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