Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cydia running on the iPhone 5

 Cydia funcionando en el iPhone 5

Although it may seem strange to some many people on the network that is not believed the catch hung yesterday which saw the Springboard iPhone 5 with Cydia installed . The hacker who got called chpwn and is one of the best developers of Cydia tweaks and Saurik known collaborator.

To show that it is true he was asked to run Cydia photos and photos of the device as I did, here's the sum of both, actually is a jailbroken iPhone 5. No doubt the hackers that we know well, have no reason to lose face trying to deceive us.

As we have highlighted in our comments this jailbreak is "easy" and we will not see for another long time, why? Quite simply, these jailbreaks are achieved using developer accounts and use Apple's code, so it would be a crime to publish, must now reverse the process and get programming the code to do the same but without using official Apple tools . A long way, but it is already started, which is important.

More - chpwn already jailbreak for iPhone 5

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