Thursday, September 6, 2012

Continued legal battle between Apple and Samsung

After news of the ban of up to 21 products Samsung demanding Apple a few days ago, now revive the legal battle between the two manufacturers to sue Apple against Samsung for alleged abuse of its dominant position in South Korea. In addition, both companies have accused each other of copying and selling imitations of their respective smartphones.

Since last January, the European Commission opened a formal investigation to see if Samsung had used the launch of its smartphone products-especially-with the aim of curbing competition. Now Apple sues in the Korean Fair Trade Commission arguing that the South Korean manufacturer is abusing its dominant position in the technology sector in the country.

Pending the outcome of this new demand, however, the first U.S. jury in December dictate whether or not to ban 21 Samsung products that Apple demanded not continue to sell in your country. So we have to wait until the results of the new demand. There are here to stay.


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