Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Consequences of launching a 4G iPhone in Spain

iphone 4G espana 589x350 Consecuencias del lanzamiento de un iPhone 4G en España

There are little more than 24 hours for us to present the new Apple iPhone 5 in the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco that you are ready for the occasion.

We talked about the various improvements that we think will bring the iPhone 5 : bigger screen, better processor and memory, iOS 6, better battery, a new feature that little talk but could be very important, compatibility with 4G LTE networks.

It is true that the latest iPad already has 4G connectivity, but actually using the iPad in mobile networks is much less common than it is on an iPhone. Let's say the new iPad Apple has served to test its performance in such networks, but now comes the good.

ipad 4g 646x350 Consecuencias del lanzamiento de un iPhone 4G en España

4G networks, on paper, offer amazing speeds and can reach 42 Mbps in download and 21.1 Mbps on rise in coverage areas. Furthermore, we saw that iOS 6 will allow the use of FaceTime on mobile networks , which is not possible right now. The doubt assails us is, given that we are here in Spain and technology usually comes a little later, are our operators ready for LTE 4G networks?

We put ourselves in position. Currently in Spain there are three main operators: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange. These operators are rapidly losing customers for virtual operators (Simyo Telstra, etc), since the latter are much cheaper and have customer service better. The problem is that these operators have no network, using the networks of major carriers, which could be a problem when you deploy 4G LTE technology. The main operators have an opportunity to try to lure back customers, offering exclusive 4G network.

4g lte spain 633x350 Consecuencias del lanzamiento de un iPhone 4G en España

On the other hand, the iPhone 5 seems to be used Nanosim , so we'll see if all virtual operators are able to offer this new card for use with the iPhone 5. Hopefully all operators, virtual or not, are already prepared to offer Nanosim.

If there are no surprises, tomorrow will present the iPhone 5 and September 21 will be the release date, so operators will have just nine days to prepare. Will they succeed? What do you think?

Will you follow the keynote with us ? We hope so!

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