Sunday, September 23, 2012

Confirmed: The iPhone 5's A6 processor has three GPU cores

During the last keynote of Wednesday September 12, not detailed the number of cores you have the iPhone 5. The question was whether it was a dual core or a quad core for the CPU and the GPU.

As many of you know, Apple tends to focus their presentations on the capabilities of their devices, rather than technical factors or numeric. That's why we had to wait several days for someone to put it in depth in A6 chip, the heart of the new Apple smartphone.

Until now it was suspected that the yield graph iPhone 5 were supported by the use of a GPU PowerVR SGX 543MP3 triple core, instead of the dual core incorporating A5, or quad-core which integrates iPad A5X third generation.

chip a6 tres nucleos Confirmado: el procesador A6 del iPhone 5 tiene tres núcleos de GPU

Apparently, this new SGX 543MP3 has the best of both worlds. It takes up too much space and not force the processor to run at a high frequency. However, its performance is almost double that of the previous model which will allow us to see spectacular games this season in the iPhone 5.

The picture accompanying this information comes from thorough analysis conducted by UBM TechInsights, which shows the three cores of the GPU on the right side, running at 266 MHz, as had been predicted. Analysts suspect that the manufacturer of this component would be again the Korean Samsung. Moreover, the image memory teaches LPDDR2 two channels of 32 bits.

UBM TechInsights work is not over, so hopefully we see new details, photos and surprises in the coming days.

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