Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comparison of the speaker volume on the different models of iPhone

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The speaker of the iPhone is one of those items that never stands but has undergone improvements in each generation Apple phone.

What people want in a mobile phone speaker that sounds high to find out when they receive a call or a notification. Then there are other factors such as the clarity of sound, something very hard to come by watching the tiny dimensions of this piece of hardware.

Without going into the debate of which sounds better, we can know which one sounds higher and that is the iPhone 5. Many users who already have been noticed this detail when compared to his previous iPhone 4/4S and SLM does not deceive. Then you have the audio level of each speaker measured in dB (decibels):

  • iPhone 2G: 91.0 dBA
  • iPhone 3G: 95.0 dBA
  • iPhone 3GS: 97.6 dBA
  • iPhone 4: 92.8 dBA
  • iPhone 4S: 97.9 dBA
  • iPhone 5: 100.3 dBA

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