Friday, September 21, 2012

Chpwn has already jailbreak for iPhone 5

 Chpwn ya tiene jailbreak para el iPhone 5

A few hours has endured the iPhone 5 without jailbreak. Chpwn just got your iPhone 5 and in a while he has jailbroken.

How is it possible? You may ask, for sure uses a userland exploit, software that works on all devices, and certainly has been creating it from the betas of iOS 6 that are several months between us. So this very great feat achieved us about the jailbreak of iOS 6 for all devices including the iPhone 5. Adapting a software exploit even the new processor is a task that normally takes weeks.

This is not to say that the jailbreak will be available soon, as there may be many things yet to adapt and improve. Either not think it's a fake, it's a great hacker chpwn, and creator of (in my opinion) the best tweak there in Cydia: Zephyr. For now we know nothing else, will keep you informed.

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