Monday, September 17, 2012

Case for iPhone 5 Jewelry valued at $ 100,000

 Funda de Joyas para iPhone 5 valorada en 100,000$

The jewel-encrusted case for iPhone 5 can be yours for $ 100K

Looking for a fancy cover for your future iPhone 5 ? You may be interested in this new cover jewelry Natural Sapphire Company ... Your iPhone 5 will look great! Yes, the jacket costs a whopping $ 100,000, which is no small feat.

Made of gold, rubies and sapphires hundred, this case becomes one of the most expensive we've ever seen.

 Funda de Joyas para iPhone 5 valorada en 100,000$

And those are just the $ 100,000 starting point. The manufacturer says that the cover can be personalized to the maximum and thus increase its price to the absolute limits ...

How about the cover?

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