Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can you decipher all secrets in The Room?

The Room is a game of puzzles and mysteries, in which we will have to decipher the secret get a box full of mechanisms, locks, riddles and symbols. For them, we will have the help of a special viewer, allowing us to see what the naked eye can not.

The game always happens in the same room (hence the name), so do not expect an action game for different scenarios, since the only move that we make will be to rotate around the box. Still, its simplicity does not have to prevent racking their brains to know how to move forward.

Secret codes, hidden trapdoors, combinations exraños mechanisms are unknown or some of our partners in this adventure, so if you are thinking games, do not hesitate to try it.

On the negative, saying that only works on iPad's 2 and above, and that the game is quite short (2-3 hours), giving rise to possible sequels.

Still, its beauty, fluidity and gameplay make it a highly recommended game.

The Room

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