Saturday, September 8, 2012

Campus 2: new images leaked

20120908-112056 PM. Jpg

One of the many projects that aimed let Steve is the creation of the new campus in Cupertino, where formerly HP offices.

We have seen drawings, brochures, even the video where Jobs himself presented his draft for mayor like a keynote, which loves.

I must admit that as an architect I loved the simplicity and cleanliness of the project and its presentation, I recommend it to all students of architecture to be noticed as much on presents and represents this type of project, it's hard sometimes to treat this type of sizing projects.

The images are filtered and the sign that says confidential denotes that we should not be seeing them, but I like to share these images that unite the two great passions of my life.

Seen 9to5Mac

20120908-112403 PM. Jpg

20120908-112414 PM. Jpg

20120908-112426 PM. Jpg

20120908-112434 PM. Jpg

20120908-112441 PM. Jpg

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