Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busting the Myth of "this did not happen with Jobs"

 Acabando con el mito de esto con Jobs no pasaba

Many people were surprised yesterday's open letter to the CEO of Apple , Tim Cook, apologizing for the errors of the maps in iOS 6.0. Cook acknowledged "that the maps were not up to what is expected of Apple" and even came to recommending other competing applications such as Google Maps. In cases like these are not uncommon voices commenting, especially on social networks, "this did not happen to Steve Jobs."

However, it was happening. Tim Cook is not the only CEO of Apple in a public apology. Jobs himself had to do so on several occasions in the past.

Without going any further, one of the biggest mistakes in the history of Apple was the antenna problem of the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs initially users accused "of not knowing how to hold the phone", but later had no choice but to accept the design error and a public apology. Apple ended up giving away bumpers to all users affected.

Traveling further back in time, Jobs had to apologize for a substantial reduction in the price of the iPhone just two months after it went on sale for the first time. Thousands of customers complained then they had to pay over $ 599 for a device that eight weeks later would cost $ 399. This time Jobs rewarded customers with $ 100 credit to spend at any Apple Store.

This year also we have heard apologies from the management team of Apple establishments and Bob Mansfield himself, by removing Apple products EPEAT .

In short, what happened on Friday with Tim Cook's letter, "yes that was also passed on Jobs".

Article busting the myth of "this did not happen with Jobs" was originally published in News iPhone .

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