Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BattSaver is updated with many new features (Cydia)

BattSaver: Increases the duration of your battery (Cydia)

Written by Gnzl on August 6, 2012


88205 500 BattSaver se actualiza con numerosas novedades (Cydia)88203 500 BattSaver se actualiza con numerosas novedades (Cydia)

BattSaver is a tweak that can make your battery last twice, for it turns off the 3G data connection, bluetooth, GPS or WiFi when not needed. The application itself off automatically when not radios are using, so your battery will last longer each day and also in the long run because it will suffer less charge cycles. Also allows you to monitor your battery in real time.

In normal mode turns off all radios to block the iPhone, and active on power and turn it on if the active every 15 minutes for you to receive your mail and notifications. In aggressive mode this connection is made every 45 minutes instead of 15, and also if you turn off the data connection to a WiFi network and off if no WiFi network available. It also has a mode where it all off, but I do not recommend, having an iPhone without notifications is not worth it. News:

  • Added a list of applications that prevent radios are off.
  • Added a list of applications that turn off the radio.
  • When you share your connection will not turn off radios.
  • When you connect to the power switches off automatically and everything works.
  • When you have little battery switches to Ultimate.
  • iMessage now no Edge off the connection so you can send messages over the Internet rather than operator.

You can download it for $ 2.99 in Cydia, you'll find it in the repo BigBoos. You need to have done the jailbreak on your device.

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