Sunday, September 2, 2012

Assumptions are filtered headphones iPhone 5

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We continue with the leaks about the new iPhone, this time have appeared headphones appear to be the next model of iPhone, iPhone 5, new iPhone or whatever you want to call it.

Is believed to be authentic as they come from a factory in Vietnam Foxcon and quality is outstanding, both in materials and workmanship, and the cable is printed the phrase "DESIGNED BY APPLE IN CALIFORNIA. ASSEMBLED IN VIETNAM. "As you can see the design is completely new, and is unlike anything we've seen before, have two audio outputs, one front and one side. I wonder you do not appreciate the volume controls of the video at any time, and should be there.

It seems that these new headphones are lower, and the sound quality has increased significantly since this was one of the most frequent criticisms of these headphones, but declined to change the volume level, something that does not appeal to many users.

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