Sunday, September 9, 2012

As a fan of Apple defends apple products | Humor

fan apple 650x300 Cómo un fan de Apple defiende los productos de la manzana | Humor

Today we bring you a video where we see, humorous, Scott Rose, a well-known character of computer geeks, which makes a parody of how a fan of Apple argues in any type of conversation because Apple products are the best in the world.

In the video, even if it is in English, we can see how Scott used every argument always read everywhere to defend the apple teams, such as the absence of virus, the wisdom of removing the DVD drive, the use of gestures or right mouse click.

Apple is not perfect, and also has services that have not worked, such as. Mac or MobileMe, or applications like iWeb or iDVD. Scott also defended fiercely urging these applications and services to users who continue to use and Apple to get it fixed.

It is the first video that makes Scott Rose of this type. In his Youtube account can watch videos like Mac Tricks and tips to impress girls. The downside is that this video is private and you have to give copyright permission to view it.

Anyway, a bit of humor for Sunday never hurts.

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