Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple will sell three different models of the iPhone 5

During the last Keynote, Phil Schiller said it is difficult to incorporate LTE technology due to frequency differences between operators in different geographical areas.

As happened with the iPhone CDMA or GSM, Apple will market different models of the iPhone 5, which are exactly the same but will operate at different frequencies depending on where we are. These are:

  • U.S. GSM iPhone 5: Model that will support 700 Mhz bands. Operators like AT & T will use this model as well as in Canada.
  • iPhone 5 CDMA for USA: Compatible with carriers like Verizon or Sprint. This model would also marketed for some operators in Japan and Asia.
  • iPhone 5 support for LTE networks in Europe and Asia: Finally, this model would be compatible with LTE networks of UK and Germany and, although nothing is said of Spain, would also be supported when it was well implemented in our country. In addition, this model is marketed in countries like Australia, Korea, Japan and Singapore, among others.

From the source stress that in theory we won the Europeans since the iPhone would be sold here more frequencies would support global networks.


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