Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple wants to be the sole distributor adapter Minidock

 Apple quiere ser el único distribuidor del adaptador para el MiniDock

The modification of the 30-pin connector for a smaller will give much to talk about. The most direct is going to be the complaint of many users who have home accessories and buy the iPhone 5 since along with it, will have to acquire the aforementioned adapter connector will support the old with the new.

Apple has realized this and some managers are Frontán hands to the secondary market that can make this. According to iLounge, the individual price of each adapter is $ 10 but there will be a pack of three units for $ 29 (you save $ 1 ...) Do you own the account given the million iPhone units sold in each release .

Accessory manufacturers are also not happy with this decision to change the dock since, according to the source, Apple is the only adapter vendor.

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Source - 9to5Mac

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