Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple teaches complete design schemes of iPhone 5

diagrama iphone 5 650x420 Apple enseña los esquemas de diseño completos del iPhone 5

This is quite interesting. It seems that Apple has released complete schedules of the iPhone 5 on its web developers. Even if you're a developer, can be found in the Resources section.

In essence, these are the plans for the new Apple smartphone. These planes are used, for example, for manufacturers of accessories and cases are the dimensions of everything from the ringer switch to the start button.

In the Notes section of the diagram says:

  1. Do not contact any metal to metal part of the iPhone 5.
  2. The openings sound: front microphone, headset and speaker.
  3. Do not obstruct the imaging features: front camera, rear camera and flash back.
  4. Do not cover the proximity sensor or ALS (ambient light sensor).

Apple also indicated in these schemes do not lock the upper and lower metal rear panel. Behind them there before, so that the rear is not entirely of aluminum.

The schemes will not mean much to most people, but still quite interesting nonetheless.

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