Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple strikes at Motorola in German court

 Apple asesta un golpe judicial a Motorola en Alemania

New blow for justice in favor of Apple. This time, the company sued Motorola in Germany to make use of the patent 'overscroll bounce' without authorization. This patent is what allows us to move any item on the screen of the iOS device and it returns to its original site if you remove your finger.

The judge has ruled in favor of Apple and allows the company to block all Motorola smartphones and tablets that use of this idea. Of course, Apple would have to specify one by one the Motorola products you want to lock in Germany and pay 25 million euros for each of them. And is that Motorola can still appeal the judge's decision.

If on appeal Motorola was boosted with the victory, then Apple would need to spend those 25 million euros in compensation to each product rival for damages in sales.

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Source- The Country

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