Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple seeks its A6 chip manufactured at another company other than Samsung

It seems that Apple and Samsung have entered a spiral of them will be very hard to leave as friends. Both companies are involved in many other of patent litigation in the courts.

To make matters worse, the Korean company is the creator of the process and the technology to be manufactured in the new A6 chip 32 mm, and that forms the heart of the iPhone 5 that was presented on Wednesday. This is probably the first smartphone market with the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU.

Joining ends, it is not difficult to understand that the apple company is looking and another method for making its powerful chip without relying in any way from Samsung.

apple a6 fabricacion no samsung Apple busca que su chip A6 lo fabrique otra empresa diferente a Samsung

Not many choices: basically Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Most pools point to the second as the successor to the Koreans.

Furthermore, the Internet newspaper DigiTimes reports that Apple and TSMC are about to start negotiating the design of the manufacturing process of the A6, so the jump is as smooth as possible for the chain.

apple a6 fabricacion no samsung 2 Apple busca que su chip A6 lo fabrique otra empresa diferente a Samsung

An estimate of the consultancy IHS iSuppli talk that Apple could sell about 149 million iPhones and 60 million iPads this year. This makes processors 209 million iOS devices, and the apple company claims that none of them Samsung manufactures.

It opens a tumultuous period in which Apple will have to find new companies that manufacture the components of their devices. Chances are that for a few months continue doing business with Samsung, but surely not last more than a year the relationship.

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