Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple says its maps application enhanced using its customers


With so much criticism against the new maps in iOS 6.0 Apple, the company has decided to speak about it to defend its new platform. Apple had long being wanted to separate from Google maps and so developed their own "Apple Maps" with the help of leading industry companies such as TomTom. However, users have not remained silent about the results so amazing that the application may show at times.

According to a spokesman for Apple, "the more we use the Maps application, the better it will become, as it is integrated with iCloud services." These are the full statements of the spokesman:

"Customers around the world are updating their devices to iOS 6.0, which includes over 200 new features, including Apple's maps, our first map service. We are pleased to provide a service with great innovation that includes features like Flyover, navigation turn-by-turn and integration with Siri. We have launched this new map service is being aware that a major initiative that has just been born. Maps have iCloud integrated services, so the more people use them, the better they become. "

The truth is that in countries like U.S. maps properly operate normally. However, Apple still has a lot to do in other areas.

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Source- AllThingsD

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