Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple says it has not given any UDID to FBI

fbi 1024x640 Apple asegura que no ha dado ningún UDID al FBI

The scandal erupted yesterday when a group of internet hackers leaking more than a million belonging to UDIDS iPhone users. The organization claimed that 12 million UDIDS had obtained through an FBI computer stolen. Safety agency of the U.S. government claimed in a statement, hours later, they had no proof that one of their computers had been stolen or which collected such information.

The truth is that the filtered UDIDS continue to circulate throughout the network. It was initially accused the developers of this type provide sensitive information to the FBI and then pointed directly to Apple. From Cupertino have decided to send a statement also ignoring the matter:

"The FBI did not request this type of information to Apple, nor have we provided the FBI or any other organization."

In addition, Apple says that from iOS 6.0 are increased security measures so that third parties can not access this private information.

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Source- AllThingsD

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