Sunday, September 2, 2012

Apple requires prevention of up to 21 products Samsung

It is known that the battle that kept Apple and Samsung for some time, but this time the confrontation has gone further. On 28 August, Apple requested a court of San Jose (California) to withdraw and banned eight phones from Samsung after a jury finds them copies of the iPhone .

Among the phones that require a ban, there are several models of the Samsung Galaxy II and III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Tab.

In September, the judge in charge of the case again dictate whether to agree with Apple, in addition to treating other similar requests from Samsung against Apple, as follow by selling one of its tablet not be a copy of the iPad and receive compensation for the time you could not sell it.

What is clear, is that although Apple has won an important battle, the disputes between the two brands will not stop in a short space of time, so I hope this will not distract much of what really matters to us consumers: make good products.


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