Friday, September 7, 2012

Apple reduced orders Samsung components for the iPhone 5

samsung iphone5 0211 525x350 Apple reduce los pedidos de componentes de Samsung para el iPhone 5

Reuters has reported that Apple is cutting orders to internal components Samsung iPhone 5 . While Samsung says it still provides some components for the new smartphone of Cupertino, Apple is still trying to reduce its dependence on technology company in South Korea.

As reported by Reuters appears that Apple simply wants to expand its supply chain and incorporate other companies. According to the report this measure would have nothing to do with patents arranged by the two companies.

The Korea Economic Daily was the first to report that orders for components to Samsung would fall for the new iPhone. According to the paper, displays, batteries and memory chips from Samsung have been excluded from the initial production of the iPhone 5. LG Display , and other Japanese and Chinese companies (including Sanyo), are said to be the suppliers of those critical elements iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 5 will be released on September 12 , and certainly after a few days we see on some web gutted. Only then can we confirm this news.

Will you follow the keynote with us? We hope so!

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