Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple plans to replace damaged screens of iPhones 5 stores


To date, when our iPhone was falling down and the screen is broke, our main solution was to go to an Apple store to them move the device with another second hand repaired ('refurbished'). However, the company plans to change this system with the new iPhone 5 and will repair broken screens from their stores.

As reported by the web iMore , Apple is beginning to send their equipment repair shops for the iPhone 5 screens. Thus, the client would have to take your machine to the nearest store and an Apple expert reparle be responsible for the phone and return it within minutes, without having to replace it with a second hand.

To enjoy a repair without additional costs would have to get hold of Apple Care at the time of acquiring the terminal.

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Article Apple plans to replace damaged screens of iPhones in stores May was originally published in News iPhone .

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