Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple plans new radio service like Spotify or Pandora

A new rumor is in addition to the presentation of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini: Apple is working on a new application very similar to Pandora. or the latest Spotify radio. Work with all Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iMac) and even Windows computers, but not Android devices.

According to sources such as The New York Times, this new radio service like Pandora would work practically, every Apple user could listen to their favorite songs on the radio and create custom playlists. Apparently, you would access the new application with our iTunes account. And just as in Pandora, some ads appear, although in this case come from the Apple iAd platform.

A few days ago, we read on MacRumors that "it could take a few months until the date of its publication," but, however, some suggest that these months would end on 12 September, the day of the presentation of the iPhone 5.

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