Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple mistakenly put on their website that includes the adapter with the iPhone 5 Lightning

The new connector for iOS devices called Lightining, and plan to stay a few years between us. This is a much smaller hook and sturdy, and the design of which has been key to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 5 .

However, many users have complained to think that we can not use their old 30-pin sockets for charging mobile phones or for transferring data via USB. Or buy a new connector or adapter to make the conversion between the two formats.

There are two converters, one for each direction. For example, we will need to use a different antique accessories in the new iPhone 5, which to charge an iPhone 4S or an iPad with our new charger.

iphone 5 lightning adaptador1 Apple pone por error en su web que incluye el adaptador de Lightning con el iPhone 5

Well, for a few hours appeared on the website of orders that Apple iPhone 5 would include the adapter in the box delivered to the terminal. In this way we could continue to use all our accessories with 30-pin input.

I suspect is that once purchased the smartphone, we suggested that we bought another adapter just like to accompany our first acquisition. Few hours were enough for Apple to announce that it was a mistake, and that the iPhone 5 will not include this converter series. We will have to buy it separately, costing around 30 euros.

In any case, it seems that the use of the adapter is limited to the load terminal, and data transfer connection to peripherals, such as speakers. On the contrary, if we made ​​use of it we ran out to use the HDMI or VGA converters that we had previously purchased.

Do you think buying this adapter to your devices?

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