Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple maps in iOS 6: a new case Antenagate

A new scandal looms over the apple company. If the iPhone 4 was the case of the blocking signal wireless to put your hand in a certain position (known as Antenagate), the iPhone 5 is not without controversy.

It is, as you all know, the new maps that Apple has decided to iOS 6, regardless of the service they provided far Google. All will agree that this was a very risky move that could go wrong or right.

ios 6 mapas antenagate 1 Los mapas de Apple en iOS 6: un nuevo caso Antenagate

Well, although we know that will improve with the months (in fact it is much better than when he left the beta of iOS 6 before summer), for now it is an unacceptable service shortcomings. However, we understand that the task of designing a great alternative to Google maps was something titanic.

However, we can say that Apple is wrong with this. Early users of the iPhone 5 have encountered numerous problems using the new application in daily life situations. Not only is the lack of StreetView and other features, but the blunders in searches or the rendering of surfaces.

ios 6 mapas antenagate 3 Los mapas de Apple en iOS 6: un nuevo caso Antenagate

As you can see these images, some parts of the maps show surreal scenarios. Hopefully Apple's go slowly solving, and you should also keep in mind that whatever the apple company is bad news and becomes the focus of all the anger.

ios 6 mapas antenagate 2 Los mapas de Apple en iOS 6: un nuevo caso Antenagate

The truth is that the users what they want is a solution. The sensible thing would be to think that the free Google Maps application will appear in the App Store in the coming days, so that each of us can have both systems coexist. Thus, the Apple Maps could be growing in quality without disturbing the users of iOS 6 .

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