Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple introduces iTunes 11 with the new line of iPods

Screen Shot 2012 09 12 at 11.26.15 AM Apple presenta iTunes 11 junto a la nueva línea de iPods

Turn now to the other stars of the day. Confirms iTunes 11 and present a much more clean and simple, with a new player (mini player) and better integration with Apple's cloud: iCloud. It will be available from next month.

Along with iTunes, Apple has taken the step of introducing radical changes in their iPods. The company needed a change and to increase sales of devices that have fallen in the market over the past year and a half. For starters, the iPod Nano will feature a 2.5-inch screen, volume buttons / play / pause and will be 28% thinner than its predecessor. Of course, it will include the new dock connector of the iPhone 5 and will be available in 7 colors.

The seventh-generation iPod Nano will have its home button, Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio tuner. The strange thing is that the issue can pause at any time to resume it later from the same point.

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