Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Genius and activates the new search results on the iOS App Store Spanish 6

A few days ago the news broke that the iOS App Store in June began to show search results differently than usual. Instead of a list, the results are displayed per page unit, having to move to right or left displayingthem go.

Well, this new method has reached the App Store Spanish (always talking about the iOS beta 6), but certainly not believe that is good news.

And I personally do not like this new way to display results because it is not practical. Until now we could see at a glance and quickly all the applications and games resulting, now we have to go one at all to find the correct results.

It must be said that for now it does not work very well, both in loading speed and the results to show, but we assume that remain in evidence and will be fixed when the official launch.

Also starting today, the Genius feature work (also in iOS 6), from which we can find applications and games like the ones we have installed. The results are shown in the same way that search, but in this case is not as annoying as we do not seek anything in particular, just seeing what we are proposing.

Any thoughts about this new display in the App Store?

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