Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple designed the A6 chip tailored for the iPhone 5

On September 12, Apple introduced its new iPhone 5 . As we all know, the heart of the smartphone is the desired A6 chip that incorporates CPU and GPU. The truth is we still do not know much about this new processor, but further analysis has yielded interesting findings on that component.

For starters, this new A6 chip is an evolution of the A5, which was present in the iPhone 4S. On the contrary, for the first time Apple has a chip developer ARM as to what he wanted. It is based on the ARMv7 version and is a creation of the company own the block, away from existing designs. As a result, this new A6 is more potent and achieves higher performance in most applications.

apple informa nueva cpu Apple diseñó el chip A6 a medida para el iPhone 5

In addition, it is made ​​of 32 nanometers to tencología channel width of the transistors. It is still unclear the number of cores, but it would make sense to think of a dual core.

Let's talk about the GPU, in charge of moving the graphics so spectacular that we saw in demos like Real Racing 3 in the keynote. This is a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 with clock frequencies to give slightly better performance gains without getting too hot .

This move by Apple could be a step in the direction that seems to be taking the Californian company. We refer to the desire to design the device completely, specifying the appearance and functionality of each of its components. Of course, this is not something that is done in the overnight, but will certainly take a couple of years from now planning it already will be.

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