Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple could still continue using Google Maps for a year

 Apple aún podía seguir usando Google Maps durante un año más

Following the announcement of iOS 6 and the new Maps application, many means Apple saw the reaction as normal as the contract between Cupertino and Google had done, well, Apple was in possession of various mapping companies and maps initially quite promising.

However, The Verge has published a report which you can read that Apple still held any contract with Google for another year. Viewing the immaturity of their maps, why not take advantage of that extra year to improve and meanwhile continue using Google Maps?

Today, many companies want to take advantage of Apple's blunder. Nokia has published a comparison of the future iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920, Google states that it knows when Google Maps to the App Store and many developers begin to use the Google SDK to give a boost to your sales.

PS: Google has launched its first submarine Street View you can see below:

Click here to watch video

More - Apple tries to recruit former employees of Google Maps to improve their maps
Source - AppAdvice

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