Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And the date is ....

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Well after speculation on whether he would see iPad mini, or iTV, about the new features of the iPhone and that if iOS 6 would rulear the galaxy, or if the server is going to resist the user 24 did not Now what we asked of Aztec land is WHEN WILL GET TO MEXICO?

Unlike other keynote now was not the name Mexico in countries where the iPhone comes one week after its introduction in the U.S., which leaves all dates as tentative and rumors, Apple really hope we do not forget and is handled as it had done in times past, because it is expected to December would make me very strange, seeing that sales in Mexico are not bad and because we are neighbors want to live in Canada .

Besides the apple Telcel in Mexico and have not released when you go garment trade, and we only say "soon."

If someone gets a picture, or a real source, read telcel friends or something like that do it know to the community = D

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