Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Also update the mountain cat

Tsss I had forgotten that when the guys decide to Apple update an application or system usually what not updated until now it was the turn the cat of the mountains in which Facebook is already integrated into the system and the best all (at least in my case), is that since the mac can understand our Spanish so they can grab a secretary to dictate whatever they want.

But good for details here are everything Apple says Complete / improved / worsened under and know that ¬ ¬.

Integrating Facebook
• Log on once to configure Facebook to share content, access their contacts and use the notification center.
• Easily share links and photos on Facebook directly from the application you are using.
• View contact information and profile pictures of your Facebook friends in Contacts.
• Receive notifications from Facebook in the notification center.
• Post updates their status from the notification center.
• Play with your Facebook friends in Game Center.
• Mark a game with a "Like" directly from Game Center.

Other significant developments
• Support Power Nap in the MacBook Air late 2010.
• Now iMessage messages sent to the phone number listed in the Messages application on your Mac *
• FaceTime now receive calls sent to your phone number. *
• Add Passbook cards on your iPhone or iPod touch from Safari and Mail on your Mac *
• shared Reminders allow you to keep track of to-dos with others.
• Sort your notes by title, modification date or creation date.
• The dictation now understands Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Canadian English, Canadian French, and Italian.
• Application Dictionary now includes a French dictionary.

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