Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alleged box "New iPhone"

Yesterday was rapidly circulated print image of the alleged case of "next iPhone", this site was launched in .

Apparently everyone is getting confused, because the official invitation for the event by Apple, makes clear allusion to 5, and quickly relate to the name iPhone 5.

But then I show them the picture of the alleged printing of the boxes, and I will begin by discussing some points that make me think it is a FAKE. I can not assure anything, but Apple pays much attention to the design of their products and do not think they pass these errors.

1. - The name on the box.
In the unlikely event that Apple decided to name him "The New iPhone" not well at the box pndría, can you imagine the confusion created when you leave the next version of iPhone next year? In addition Box "The New iPad", says only iPad.

2. - The wallpaper or wallpaper
Those who have installed the beta version of what will be the new OS iOS6, we realize that this is not the official wallpaper, and of course they will have to put in the box. That we see in the case of print is the Mac OS X. What if you put in the box?

3. - The icon iOS6
Apple has never placed the icon for your operating system in the boxes, and that would be obsolete in a few months, I'm sure that before the next iPhone comes out "6" and we will be in the iOS7.

4. - Youtube App Icon
In iOS6 betas not icon Youtube App, and the reason is that because he had terminated the contract with Google to promote its exclusive service of the native app to view and share videos, meanwhile mentioned they are working on a new version that will be sent to Apple for approval, but I do not re-use the same icon, I do not think Apple even accept them more as "Allies", and said goodbye to Google Maps, Apple surely has prepared something similar.

Do you spot any other errors? Share your comment.

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