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All this we know the iPhone 5 in the absence of a day for submission

So, in just over 24 hours will Tim Cook on stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to present everyone the new version of Apple's smartphone, the iPhone 5. We have seen many leaks for months, so I pretty much already know how it could be the new iPhone. Let's review them.

iPhone 5 462x350 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación


At first we all thought, to see what Apple did with the new iPad in next iPhone be called "new iPhone". But after seeing the invitation to the event and see the shadow of the 12 that marks the day of the event is a 5, I think there is little doubt that the final name will be iPhone 5.

Exterior design

As we saw, the exterior design of the iPhone 5 will be very similar to the iPhone 4/4S . Apple has said on occasion that the current design is perfect for a smartphone, so I do not think it's going to change.

pantalla iphone 5 650x242 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación

Of course do not forget that the screen will be larger, so that the exterior design will be slightly elongated, maintaining the same width. Furthermore, according to rumors, the iPhone 5 will be a little thinner than the iPhone 4S. We also see in the picture relocating the headphone jack and dock connector smaller.


Apparently Apple has chosen to build the iPhone 5 for a metal unibody design that will give you a much more robust and higher quality.

iPhone 5 trasera 566x350 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación

In the picture can see how the rear of the iPhone 5 is divided into three distinct parts: a central part connecting the metal with the rear side and two bands, one on top and one on the bottom, which function as antennas.


We know nothing of the camera that will mount the iPhone 5, but as you know, the iPhone 4S has a 8MP camera. In the chambers of the smartphone the biggest problem is not the number of megapixels you have, the size of the sensor, so we assume that Apple will have worked to improve the camera's sensor of the iPhone 4S. We do not know if it will bring an increase in megapixels, but probably yes.


pantalla iphone 5 2 650x494 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación

We talked at length and the screen of the iPhone 5 . Will know that 4 inches and will change the aspect ratio to 16:9, because the increase in size will be vertical. The resolution will be 640 x 1135. Also talked about the possibility of the use by Apple In-Cell panels to screen iPhone 5, which would allow it to reduce its thickness and its battery consumption.


Not much, if anything, has been leaked to the components that make up the iPhone 5. The new iPad uses a modified version of the A5 A5X call, so it could be that the iPhone 5 will bear the same. However, some rumors suggest that this processor is too strong, as it was designed specifically to move the Retina display iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 could bring a new evolution of Apple A5 which could be called A6. Tomorrow is mystery unfold.


Until a few days ago we had not seen any of the battery . Now we know it could have a capacity of 1440 mAh and 3.8V, which would mean an increase of 10% over that of the iPhone 4S.


As we mentioned in a previous article, the iPhone 5 will come with 4G LTE connectivity worldwide, as well as it did the new iPad (although you could use in all countries).

Nanosim Card

tarjeta nanosim 650x143 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación

All leaks suggest that Apple has changed the format of the SIM card in the iPhone 5 to use an even smaller Nanosim call. Being smaller, the Nanosim reduce the space required inside the new iPhone.


It seems that finally the iPhone 5 will not support NFC . However, we must not forget that we have available with iOS 6 Passbook application, so Apple should have implemented some form of purchases by the iPhone, what will have been invented?. Rumors speak of using Bluetooth 4.0 or even WiFi Direct technology.


iphone5dock 650x425 Todo esto sabemos del iPhone 5 a falta de un día para su presentación

The new Dock connector if you have spoken and seen much. This new version will be much smaller, from the current 30-pin to 9-pin only. It has also been rumored the possibility that the iPhone 5 will incorporate a MagSafe connector like Apple laptops.

The dock connector will change all accessories that we currently do not serve for the iPhone 5. Rumor has thought Apple users and has already prepared an adapter .

Price and capacity

Yesterday leaked the price of N42 model , codenamed the iPhone 4, and knew that the price of the iPhone 5 will remain the same as the current iPhone 4S. Apple has always followed this policy, so it was logical.

As storage capacity does not seem to be surprises, so I will stay current versions of 16, 32 and 64 GB. It had been rumored a possible 128 GB version, but it seems that finally will not.

Details pending

Some rumors are outstanding because of lack of leakage. For example, there are rumors of a possible launch of a specific case for the Apple iPhone 5, as happened with the Smart Case and the new iPad, the Bumpers for iPhone 4 and the iPad Smart Cover 2.

Finally, Apple certainly has some surprises. I can not believe that Apple has left that all details have been leaked and have nothing saved. It would be a shame to lose the enthusiasm for the keynote . sure that Apple has an ace up its sleeve.


Tomorrow Apple will reveal the mystery, but we should not expect a revolution, it is unlikely that the Apple iPhone 5 that this does not look at anything we've seen. Samsung is pushing hard with its Galaxy S III that is sweeping sales, so Apple has to give a fist on the table and regain his throne in the mobile world. We are looking forward.

Important Reminder

It's official, the new iPhone 5 will be introduced by Apple on 12 September at 19.00 h (time of the Iberian Peninsula). If you want to follow the keynote live with us, you can do it from the following link:

Keynote iPhone 5

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