Sunday, September 16, 2012

All rumors were confirmed in the keynote, is about the iPad mini?

If you followed the keynote of Apple held a few days ago, would observe that most of the rumors we've seen on the iPhone 5 is confirmed. Think for a moment, and then divert the attention of the new iPhone (albeit complicated, this year Apple seems to have no secrets or surprise effect, so it could be likely that the iPad mini rumors are true, right?

iPad Mini, yes or no?

ipad mini1 Todos los rumores se confirmaron en la keynote, ¿está cerca el iPad mini?

Let's face it, the last keynote we moved too to none. The blame can certainly be attributed in large part to the many rumors that have occurred in recent months, rumors have proved almost entirely certain. Before beginning this discussion, however, I'd like to break a lance in respect of these days rumores.Todos've written and read about these rumors, and say precisely these rumors now that marred the presentation seems a contradiction.

It's a little overwhelming, but the truth is that almost all the rumors that have emerged have been true!. Designing the dock connector, In-Cell panels, LTE, and even the iPod. These rumors often come from very untouchable sources, including some very important papers, so now my question is whether the iPad mini rumors that have come from the same sources are equally true or not.

rumores ipad mini Todos los rumores se confirmaron en la keynote, ¿está cerca el iPad mini?

It is hard to think that it will not be like what we've seen in the keynote, and it's hard to think that The Wall Street Journal, which announced an LTE iPhone universal, is mistaken in saying that a 7.85-inch iPad will be released in October. Even the New York Times is convinced that the iPad mini will come sooner than later.

Do you think the same sources have confirmed all the rumors about the iPhone 5 might not be right and that the iPad mini does not really exist?

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