Saturday, September 1, 2012

A video shows what a four-inch iPhone

We speculated a lot about the size of the next iPhone 5 . Most rumors point to a 4-inch screen, which is closer to that of other high-end devices on Android for example. This is something that most users have been asking for some time.

Today we see a proposal from MacRumors, who bet on a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels. This current corresponds to the same width, but slightly high in the terminal.

video iphone cuatro pulgadas Un vídeo muestra cómo sería un iPhone de cuatro pulgadas

What advantages would have a more elongated screen? Although there are people who would not like, the fact is that most applications would this increase would enjoy movies and video games.

Well, as we said MacRumors has hired a graphic designer to create a listing of how would this new four-inch screen, compared to the current terminal. Here's the video, made with all the style of Apple.

That would be a 4-inch iPhone

To be honest it has been pretty good. Of course, the movies look better in this format 16:9 with four-inch screen. For its part, the games are easier to manage because there is more room for the touch controls and interface showing the scores.

In portrait mode, the screen provides access to more elongated more: more tweets, more emails, more messages or more entries in social networks and blogs. However, it remains easy to handle with one hand, and fits in your pocket.

Obviously, all this is just speculation, and we will not leave until Apple doubt this terminal, which will probably be next September 12 .

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