Sunday, September 9, 2012

A tough week for Apple: iPhone 5

Today we reflect on a statement he made ​​a few years ago Steve Jobs at the launch of the original iPhone. It was a message to the competition and the market:

We are five years ahead of the market.

It's sharp. The truth is that at the moment it seems that he was right. The question is Will still? Chances are most of you already think not. And, in recent years, the iPhone has changed significantly less than competing devices.

semana complicada apple 0 Una semana difícil para Apple: iPhone 5

We can also compare iOS and Android . While Apple's operating system has changed little since its first release, Google's bet has only polished, improved and incorporate new features (many taken from the competition, why not).

Well, next week Apple plays it. It is time that, following the launch of the iPhone 4S continuity, the company hit the apple on the table and propose something revolutionary. Both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 must be submitted with profound changes back to woo users.

semana complicada apple 1 Una semana difícil para Apple: iPhone 5

A cosmetic change would help a lot. Carrying a device other than what we've seen in the last two years, will be a relief to many consumers who want to upgrade their smartphone. Fortunately, it appears that the increase in size is almost confirmed, which has been unanimously applauded.

The hardware of the iPhone while it is not ahead of the competition. Applications also are no longer something exclusive, as the Android Market ever works better and has more variety. These are two of the pillars on which Apple needs to focus to win back the admiration of the whole world.

Will you follow the presentation of the new iPhone 5 with iPadizate? I hope!

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