Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A prototype of the iPad Mini in hand

If you pay attention to the rumors states this summer about the little brother of the family iPad , you may have noticed that we know far less of it than the iPhone 5. Not surprisingly, it is assumed that the tablet of 7.85 inch Apple not throw up in a couple of months, to penetrate deep into the Christmas season.

The most that we have seen are some leaked parts manufacturing lines, or beautiful renderings showing how some designers think that would be the finish. What today we bring is what appears to be a prototype, what they call a dummy, the iPad Mini .

prototipo ipad mini mano 1 Un prototipo del iPad Mini en la mano

Indeed, these prototypes do not work, but simply have the exact dimensions and weight of the device you intend to model, so that everyone involved in the design you an idea of the product with which they are dealing. Sure you have seen any of these dummy in mobile phone shops.

prototipo ipad mini mano 2 Un prototipo del iPad Mini en la mano

As you can see from the pictures, this is a device with a pretty nice size, very similar to the 7-inch tablet from Samsung, Google and Amazon. Clings perfectly with one hand and has edges that give a different look to the three generations of iPad currently on the market.

prototipo ipad mini mano 3 Un prototipo del iPad Mini en la mano

Some even say that it looks much like a large iPod Touch. The images come from the French NowhereElse blog, a site that is leaking lately one of the most talked about images of the entire network on iOS devices.

In any case, we have to wait a few more months to find out. That, if it finally out this iPad Mini and not left unfinished in an idea in the Apple offices.

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