Monday, September 3, 2012

A pop star in China poses with a supposed iPhone 5

This article is a bit disconcerting. Although there are many rumors about the new Apple smartphone, the truth is that what we bring today bears little resemblance to the typical parts or diagrams leaks we've seen in recent months.

Apparently the Chinese pop star Jimmy Lin, known as Jimmy Dreamer has posted some pictures on his website where he appears posing with an alleged iPhone 5 . What more specialized scales to blogs is that the terminal appears to meet all the requirements to be a real model of the new Apple smartphone.

estrella pop china posa iphone 5 Una estrella del pop en China posa con un supuesto iPhone 5

The so Jimmy Lin is not an artist in any Asian country, but has over 14 million followers in one of its major social networks, Weibo. He won fame during the 90's, when he sold more than 10 million records before he turned twenty.

Therefore, it seems that the main reason to hang these pictures is not to gain fame among his fans. The truth is that the photos show a more elongated terminal, thinner and with five rows of icons on the desktop. It also incorporates the new small connector already taken for granted for the next Apple devices.

estrella pop china posa iphone 5 2 Una estrella del pop en China posa con un supuesto iPhone 5

To make matters worse, this is the same singer who posed with an iPad Mini course almost two years ago, in December 2010. Is it a simple assembly, or because of their status has access to some famous prototype that has escaped from the factories in China?

Will got one of the models shows that are of no use but reflect the final look of the device? Let us know if you give credibility to these pictures.

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