Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new video about the iPad Mini

It was about the month of October and we will soon see if the rumors about the iPad Mini are true or not. Although the information on this tablet are seeping reduced in size since the original iPad was released, it was not until a few months ago when they started to gain credibility.

New video of the alleged iPad Mini

Today we have seen a new video that shows the user is holding a prototype of this iPad Mini facing camera. The information comes from the Japanese site Macotakara, source of much of the leaks that come from Asian countries.

nuevo video ipad mini Aparece un nuevo vídeo sobre el iPad Mini

In the video, the user takes this a prototype tablet of 7.85 inch Apple, and entertains a few seconds showing the shape, size and weight of the mysterious device. The truth is that it appears almost nothing new, because the rounded edges, the Lightning and the display connector that goes almost to the end, already knew.

However, some users have noticed that the back has a microphone, like the iPhone 5, to improve the quality of FaceTime conversations. Here's the video so you can appreciate all the details of this supposed prototype 7-inch iPad .

We can also notice that it lacks the black back of the iPad feature, in which you insert the SIM card for the 3G model. This suggests that there will be at least a WiFi version of iPad Mini, if it ever sees the light.

What no one can deny that the world is being circulated some prototypes of iPad Mini 7 inch, probably manufactured by Apple to check how manageable is a tablet of these features in the user's hands. The question is, will transform this idea into a real device one day?

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